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Finish, finish and finish again

Bjerrum Nielsen has one of Denmark’s largest and most high-tech production facilities for wet-on-wet painting of e.g. solid wood, plywood, chipboard, fibre gypsum, MDF, composite, plastic, aluminium, brass, steel and other metals.

We also have four powder-coating departments located in Zealand (Denmark), Lithuania and Latvia that powder-coat light-gauge items, steel structures and more complicated metal items.

Partners in the Baltics

We have many partners to help us with wood, plastic and not least metal in the Baltic countries. This puts us in a position to help provide a complete solution for a given task, from individual parts to finished components.

Shot blasting of large steel items

We have one of the largest facilities for shot blasting in Denmark, with the capacity to blast large steel items (individually or in series). Shot blasting is done with small steel balls that blast and clean all the different types of steel.

We can clean any suitable steel to remove rust, paint and embers on steel to a cleaning level corresponding to SA 2 ½. After shot blasting, you can either prime the item or apply powder coating to the surface directly. Shot blasting as a surface treatment is both more economical and more effective than sandblasting.

Perfect surfaces

You can have your elements painted with exactly the texture, gloss, colour and effect you want, whether matte, high gloss, soft feel, metallic or another option, and always with masking and fixtures that ensure a perfect result – even in places that may not be visible on the finished product, but which can have a great impact on the product’s properties, quality or durability. If necessary (or to make things easier), we are also happy to design and manufacture the correct fixtures on our own 5-axis CNC machines or 3D printer.

EMC Shielding

Over many years, we have built up specialist expertise within EMC Shielding, i.e. electromagnetic shielding of electronic equipment. This type of task comes with very high demands in terms of e.g. item masking, as even the slightest inaccuracy can lead to defects in the finished products.

Quality-conscious customers within healthcare, projector and radar equipment clients also depend on our EMC expertise.

High volume. Maximum flexibility

The high-tech production facility at Bjerrum Nielsen Group consists of:

  • four automated wet-on-wet painting lines
  • four automated powder coating lines
  • four manual wet-on-wet painting cells 
  • two manual powder coating cells
  • one automated line with integrated UV painting and oscillating paint wet-on-wet painting

The large number of painting lines and cells mean that we have ample capacity and maximum flexibility, enabling us to handle large as well as small volumes, single orders, regular series, prototypes and other types of task.

At the same time, you can be sure that our focus on process optimisation and on maintaining a dust-free environment in production guarantees you a uniformly high quality – regardless of the nature and scope of your order, and regardless of how much precision and finish you require.

Item sizes

The various production lines in our industrial painting make it possible to handle various item sizes, from those that are very small up to the following sizes:

Cabinet sizes, wet-on-wet painting   Max. 2,4 x 1,3 x 1,0 m.
Cabinet sizes, powder coating Max. 4,2 x 1,3 x 1,0 m.
Sheets Max. 3,0 x 1,4 m.
Profiles, powder coating Max. 3 m.
Item weight for powder coating Max. 500 kg.


Technical advice

Paint is not just paint. We would therefore be happy to help you to choose an optimal solution in relation to the durability, aesthetics, surface and properties of the finished product.

If you involve us early on in the development process, often time we will also be able to reduce your production costs by optimising small details in relation to suspension, masking and similar. Real-life example: We suggested a customer make two small (and invisible) holes in an element, meaning that the product could be pre-painted in two stages rather than four.

Do you need to decorate your pre-painted elements with text, numbers, symbols or other graphics? Read more about our pad printing and laser engraving expertise.