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Let us make the final touch. Or symbol. Or…


If your products need to be decorated with text or graphics (e.g. a logo, function symbols or informative text), Bjerrum Nielsen would be happy to handle the task for you and save you the effort.

We provide tampon printing, hot stamping and laser engraving services, as well as laser cutting, letter mounting and graphic element services. Likewise, we would of course be happy to advise you on which technique best meets your speed, aesthetic, price and quality requirements.


With such a palette of techniques available, we can decorate virtually all painted and unpainted surfaces made of wood, MDF, plastic, composite, glass and metal.

Series sizes

Flexibility is a core value at Bjerrum Nielsen. This means that we can handle both large and small series.

A one-stop shop

It really makes sense to have your items decorated at Bjerrum Nielsen if we are already carrying out CNC work, surface treatment or both of these for you. Entrusting several processes to one supplier entails a certain number of key benefits for you:  

  • Shorter production times
  • Fewer transport costs
  • Fewer transfers of responsibility
  • Fewer bottlenecks
  • Greater flexibility
  • Less administration

Scheduling decoration and industrial painting together allows us to optimise the process and reduce the lead time.

Do you also need your products assembled or installed? Read about our assembly and special fabric fitting expertise for speakers, acoustic panels and similar.