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Quality in every cut


The CNC department at Bjerrum Nielsen has the potential to handle all conceivable types of project involving wood, plastic and composite. This means that we can process building materials and semi-finished products but also flight cases, shop fittings, furniture, speaker cabinets, accessories, climbing walls … basically anything.

Our efficient production lines have both 3 and 5-axis CNC machines, which guarantees you the flexibility you need to carry out mass production in large series for special tasks, urgent tasks and prototypes.

Precision and quality

Although Bjerrum Nielsen’s CNC work involves many different products in all shapes and sizes, it is engrained in our DNA to focus on precision and quality. At all times. No matter what it is you need done, you can be absolutely sure of the same result every time – the very best.

Design for Manufacturing

We are happy to admit that we are probably a bit nerdy when it comes to the options available with CNC. That’s why we are also very happy to enter into dialogue early on to discuss how to ensure the best possible product. Fast, efficient – and the best possible value.

Among other things, we structure our Design for Manufacturing work to optimise costs on your behalf. Our in-depth knowledge of materials, tools and production processes also means that we can often contribute to a smarter solution. Perhaps something simpler. Perhaps faster production. Perhaps lower material costs. And perhaps, as is often the case, all three …

Six major benefits

  • Flexible machine park with 3 and 5-axis CNC machines
  • High degree of automation = uniformly high quality
  • Option of prototypes in different materials
  • Cost optimisation through Design for Manufacturing
  • Option of special tasks and urgent tasks
  • Development and supply of plastic items for CNC machining (plastic moulding at external production partners).

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