We have both the brains and the hands necessary to handle your assembly and packaging jobs


The assembly department at Bjerrum Nielsen handles all kinds of assembly, installation and packaging jobs for sub-components or finished products processed, painted and decorated in our various departments.

Typical tasks include the assembly of elements and installation of brackets, magnets, hinges, handles or mirrors.

Fabric fitting

Over the years, we have built up the specialist expertise necessary to fit fabric on speakers, cabinet doors, acoustic panels and other products.

Fabric fitting places particularly high demands on both the process and the skills of the employees to achieve a uniformly good result – not least when it comes to important aspects such as straight seams, uniform stretch, smooth edges and overall finish.

All the flexibility you need

As with all our services, creativity and flexibility are central to what we do when handling our customers’ installation tasks. In other words, we can handle just the right series sizes you need, and at the time that you need them. This also means that every installation process is organised in such a way that it fitsperfectly with the previous production processes and subsequent logistics: in terms of timing, transportation and other resources.

Storage and logistics

As part of our service, we can hold both rawmaterials and finished items in stock. We can also pack your products in packaging ready for sale and store them for shipment directly from our warehouse. Our logistics system can handle incoming and outgoing item numbers and be connected directly to your company’s ERP system if necessary.