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Bang & Olufsen
BeoLab 50

The beautiful oak mouldings on the side panels of Bang & Olufsen’s iconic BeoLab 50 speaker are cut, milled, planed, levelled, polished, painted and assembled by Bjerrum Nielsen. During this process, each moulding must undergo four quality checks. Before attaching the strips, we mount rubber bushings in the 90 screw holes on each side panel.

The speaker’s fabric-covered front panel is also taken care of in Bramming. With this kind of set-up, we can make sure that we purchase plastic covers according to the current forecast, after which we can carry out the exacting assembly process for the front fabric, which includes cutting, sewing, welding and trimming. The final step of the process is to pack complete sets of side and front panels in ready-to-sell packaging before shipping them directly to Bang & Olufsen’s finished goods warehouse. See how the BeoLab 50 works here.

All the slats start life as part of one exquisite wooden block, where they are CNC-cut to perfection
lamel lakering
The slats are painted in a robot line to achieve a uniform quality
stofmontage 1667 web
The fabric fitting is completed using an application process controlled by robots
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