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Creativity, hard work and pride in one’s work have always been a good combination. Even as far back as in 1949


The Bjerrum Nielsen story began in 1949, when Niels Bjerrum Nielsen saw opportunities in the rapidly growing market for radios, which led to him setting up his own carpentry workshop and producing radio cabinets for Bang & Olufsen, among others.

Quality, creativity and flexibility were key values then and have been ever since, with those three values combined with a good deal of innovation providing a solid foundation for our continued growth and success. This growth has manifested itself both in new services and an ever-increasing level of automation, with the result that Bjerrum Nielsen is now in a position to offer a one-stop shop, from CNC and industrial painting to decoration and pre-assembly of customers’ products and semi-finished products.

At the same time, our many years of experience enable us to advise and contribute to products and solutions that create value for customers from many different industries.

Today, the company is owned by a professional group of investors including Niels Bjerrum Nielsen’s two sons, John and Claus, who are still shareholders. Claus Bjerrum Nielsen also plays an active role in the day-to-day management in his role as sales director.


Company milestones

1949: Niels Bjerrum Nielsen founds the company

1964: Bjerrum Nielsen is one of the first companies in Denmark to introduce profit sharing

1976: John Bjerrum Nielsen takes over the company from his father

1983: The first robotic systems are used in industrial painting and mark the start of large-scale automation

2014: A professional circle of owners means expertise continues to be developed and growth is ensured

2019: The company acquires the powder-coating companies P. Schmidt Ringsted A/S, Baltic Industrial Coating UAB and Latvia Industrial Coating SIA

2022: Acquisition of MuteBox Aps, a Danish design company that supplies high-quality meeting rooms and telephone boxes for use in open office landscapes and large offices.

2023: Establishes MuteBox Ltd in The United Kingdom.