Niels Bjerrum Nielsen, founder of the company.
One of the first radio cabinets in a beautiful finish.
Production is running high in 1956.
The new factory on Industrivej is officially opened in 1958.

1949 - 1969

1949... Niels Bjerrum Nielsen founds the company on Pedersstræde in Bramming, Denmark. The company employs 12–15 people, who work on the production of radio cabinets.
1956... This is the year when the company begins to manufacture TV cabinets and cupboards, primarily made of French walnut with polished cellulose-coated surfaces.
1958... The Pedersstræde facility becomes too small and the company commissions a new factory on Industrivej. The new premises cover 750 m2 and are officially opened in summer 1958.
1964... As one of the first companies in Denmark, Bjerrum Nielsen introduces profit sharing for its employees.
1965–1969... Production facilities are expanded through several construction projects to 1500 m2.